"Jonathan's expertise as a certified Project Manager brought instant credibility to our implementation process. By taking a neutral position where he works with all parties (vendor, client and other channel partners), he is able to quickly cut through the static and noise typically associated with complex implementations. He effectively outlined all steps needed and kept all parties involved on task to ensure the best outcome in a timely manner. If your project requires a well thought out approach and plan, Jonathan is just the resource you need."

Mark Schanck, President & CEO, Convergent Healthcare

"Jonathan provides a proven process for project management that played an invaluable role in developing our companies approach to managing successful project implementations. The results of his contributions manifested into improved project timelines, client satisfaction and the ability for our team to handle multiple implementations concurrently. He has a natural ability to relate to clients, team members, and stakeholders alike, which allows him to continually deliver exceptional outcomes across a broad spectrum of project challenges. Jonathan is extremely enthusiastic about the quality of his work which is infectious to any team he is a part of".

Adam Halberda, SVP Operations Finance, Cymetrix

"I worked with Jonathan on a number of business process outsource implementations where he provided project management services. Jonathan is very easy to work with, extremely knowledgeable, prompt with his responses and holds people accountable to keep the project on track. The energy he brings to the projects is infectious."

Nick O'Hare, Vice President, Data Services, Cymetrix

"As a sales and marketing professional, I have worked directly with Jonathan Daclison from a customer implementation and project management perspective. Jonathan displays nothing but the highest levels of professionalism in dealing with internal and external stakeholders. His energy to drive projects to completion, ability to quickly coordinate multiple departments and his unwavering work ethic make him a valuable asset to any organization. I especially appreciate Jonathan's unpretentious attitude and sense of humor, making him a joy to work with!"

Brittany Pickell, VP Sales and Marketing, Convergent Healthcare